JIT Scotland Rural and Remote

Rural and Remote

JIT is currently working with a number of Health, Housing and Social Care Partnerships in rural and remote areas on a range of joint working programmes focusing on both strategy and service delivery/redesign.

On the basis of the longer term work, this is the forward agenda that the key partners such as RRIG and the Joint Improvement Team and others are now working to.

Following the RRIG Learning and Sharing Exchange in September 2009 and the earlier JIT review of health and social care service development and innovation in remote and rural areas, the following priority action areas have emerged:

  • Policy Influence
  • Obligate Networks
  • Service Models and Care Pathways
  • Emergency Response and Transport
  • Workforce and Education
  • eHealth and Infrastructure
  • Remote and Rural Network

There are also a number of service delivery Remote and Rural Key Issues:

  • Definition of Rural and Remote
  • Change and Decision making in rural and remote areas
  • Access to Services
  • Critical Mass and Service Viability
  • Community Resillience

You can down load the full paper on the above Rural and Remote priorities and key issues here:

Rural and Remote: Priorities and Key Issues [63Kb]

‘Rural Scotland in Focus’ Event Report

A final event report for the ‘Rural Scotland in Focus’ event on 24 November 2010 focusing on the role of civil society in promoting and sustaining health and wellbeing in rural communities has now been published.

Civil Society and Rural Health Final Event Report [308Kb]
Remote and Rural Implementation Group Final Report

The Remote and Rural Implementation Group (RRIG) was established to oversee the implementation of the recommendations of Delivering for Remote and Rural Healthcare, published by Scottish Government in May 2008. The report below is the last in a two-year programme, led by the Remote and Rural Implementation Group. The report refers to the work undertaken by the JIT to support this important programme.

RRIG Final Report [590Kb]