JIT Scotland Talking Points: User and Carer Involvement

Talking Points: A Personal Outcomes Approach

A key JIT priority has been to combine user and carer involvement with an outcomes approach to planning, delivering, evaluating and improving services. Since 2006, two researchers, Ailsa Cook and Emma Miller, have been working with the JIT to deliver on this priority.

The culmination of that work is the production of a Practical Guide, which brings together learning from practice, systems, culture and performance in one place, aimed both at organisations new to outcomes as well as those further down the road to becoming an outcomes focussed organisation.

We hope that presenting the key learning of the last 6 years in this way will provide a useful reference and guide for people working to put personal outcomes at the heart of what they do day to day.

Talking Points – Practical Guide – June 2012 [1Mb]
Talking Points – Summary Briefing – June 2012 [169Kb]

An outcomes approach to assessment, planning & review aims to shift engagement with people who use services away from service-led approaches. This involves everyone working together to achieve the best possible impact on the individual’s life. The philosophy of this approach is one that emphasises the strengths, capacity and resilience of individuals, builds upon natural support systems and includes consideration of wider community based resources. The approach is consistent with policy priorities to engage people using services, personalisation and enablement and an assets approach to health.

The development of the approach has involved developing a range of tools, guidance and resources to:

  • Encourage a focus on outcomes at assessment, care planning and review.
  • Place the person at the centre of a more personalised approach.
  • Support staff to conduct outcomes focused conversations, including with people with communication support needs.
  • Enable information on service user and carer outcomes to be systematically gathered during assessment and review processes.
  • Support organisations to use this information to improve outcomes at individual, service and organisational levels to plan, evaluate and improve services.

Full information on Talking Points (previously UDSET) including all materials is available from this section of the JIT website. Follow the links below to access the following information resources.

  • Background from initial research, to piloting and development of Talking Points.
  • Staff Development and Leadership Material developed to help with Talking Points implementation.
  • Communication Skills includes guidance to support outcomes focused conversations as well as specific information on working with people with communication support needs.
  • Outcomes, Enablement and an Assets Approach to Health and Wellbeing details the work already underway to change the culture of service provision.
  • Risk, Outcomes and Safeguarding includes materials on risk enablement and risk management from an outcomes perspective.
  • Sample Tools for assessment, care/support planning and review, as well as evaluation.
  • Information for Service Users and Carers explaining what Talking Points is and PowerPoints which can be used in workshops with users and carers.
  • Organisational Development includes a guide to the various changes required to become outcomes focused, and information from provider organisations
  • Using Outcomes Data includes support materials for information management and examples of how information is being used.
  • Digital Stories are very useful for staff development sessions and to illustrate what it means to focus on outcomes.
  • Evidence, Learning and Community of Practice.

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Outcomes Glossary

An Outcomes Glossary to assist with a common language around this area of work.

Outcomes Glossary [428Kb]

Recording Outcomes Guidance

The JIT produced guidance on recording outcomes earlier this year. This is now available for download here:
Recording Outcomes in Care and Support (Nov 2011) [548Kb]

‘Making it Happen’ – Personal Outcomes Event
A report and resources from the ‘Making it Happen – Personal Outcomes’ event held in Dunfermline on the 28th of September are now available for download. For links and more information click here

Review of Talking Points
IRISS has issued its final review of the Talking Points programme and it is available for download below.

Talking Points Review [795Kb]

Stirling Supervision and Practice Development Planning
Stirling Council Social Services recently produced new policy and guidance on outcomes focused supervision and practice development guidance. There is also a range of associated appendices and pro-formas which will be posted on this website in the near future and are available on request from the JIT at present.

Stirling Policy and Guidance [1Mb]

Provider’s Forum Minutes
Minutes for the September 2011 and March 2012 meetings of the Provider’s Forum can be downloaded below.

Sep Provider Forum Minutes [44Kb]
Mar Provider Forum Minutes [46Kb]

Reshaping Care and Support Planning for Outcomes
A new care and support planning resource has been developed for the care at home and care home sectors.

The Carers Journey
North Lanarkshire have recently completed piloting of an outcomes focused approach to engaging with carers. This report details the approach taken, gives an account of the work so far, including the outcomes for carers, and sets out the decisions that now need to be taken to take the work further.

Carers Journey Report [526Kb]

Talking Points in Care Homes Report
Report on a pilot programme in the Scottish Borders examining the effectiveness of the Talking Points approach in a Care Home setting.

Borders Care Home Report [359Kb]