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What is Telecare?

Telecare is a term that covers a range of devices and services that harness developing technology to enable people to live with greater independence and safety in their own homes. Download our Glossary of Terms and Definitions [522Kb] to read our definition of Telecare, as well as other associated terms.

Examples include devices that trigger a response from a call centre, such as falls monitors and motion sensors. The responses may range from a phone call to the person, to alerting a local carer or neighbour or social service, to alerting emergency services if appropriate. Other examples include devices that directly alert the person in the home to a particular hazard, such as a water level monitor in a bath.

IT developments are continually extending the range of devices and services available and, as a result, the scope for telecare to support people with particular health and social care needs – such as older people and people with disabilities – to remain in their own homes and optimise their independence and quality of life.

National Telecare Development Programme (2006-2011)

JIT is supporting the development and enhancement of Telecare services in Scotland through a National Programme that was launched in August 2006. The Programme makes funds for Telecare developments available to health and social care partnerships across Scotland through a £20m Development Fund.

You can find out more about the Telecare Programme via the menu on the left hand side of this page. Latest information for the various sections will be displayed on the right hand side of each page.

Please contact us if you wish to speak to someone in JIT about the National Telecare Programme.

A national strategy has been developed to outline the policy framework for the development of telecare in Scotland. This document also sets out an Action Plan, detailing the Scottish Government’s expectations of further developments from the national Telecare Programme Board and from the 32 local partnerships. All telecare documents, including a copy of the strategy, can be accessed via our Telecare Publications Section.

Scottish Telecare Learning Network

JIT has established a network to support staff working within partnerships to make progress with their local telecare programmes. Meetings are held quarterly and provide information on a range of relevant topics to promote shared learning and the development of good practice in Telecare (including Factsheets developed from each event). Further information on the network is found in our Learning Network Section.

For more information on Telecare, contact Moira Mackenzie, National Telecare Programme Manager, on 0131 244 3366.

Supporting Improvement, Integration and Innovation: SCTT Business Plan 2012-2015 Published

Providing the Scottish Centre for Telehealth & Telecare’s response to the National Telehealth and Telecare Delivery Plan, the business plan covers a three year timescale, and will be reviewed and updated on an annual basis to provide a rolling three year programme of activity to 2015.

Access the business plan from SCTTs websitehere.

SCTT Video Resources now available
Register and log in here to access numerous video resources from the SCTT. Videos include the recent ‘Home and Away’ conference as well as short videos on telehealth initiatives from around the country. More info here

eHealth LTC Event Presentations
Presentations from the 17th of November event are below.

STACCATO – Borders [100Kb]
SPARRA – Kathleen McGuire [383Kb]
Full Presentation [3Mb]
LTC i-Hub Update [4Mb]
Clinical Information Sharing [2Mb]

Home Care Statistical Return 2011
The Home Care Statistical Return for 2011 for Scotland can be found below. This is a snapshot of home care services as at the last week in March and includes the ongoing collation of data on local authority telecare services in Scotland.

Home Care Statistical Return [8Mb]

Perspectives on Telehealth and Telecare
King’s Fund report on England’s Whole System Demonstrator project.

Perspectives on Telehealth and Telecare [315Kb]

Telecare Key Contacts
A list of the key contacts for Telecare is available here.

Telecare Lead Contacts [118Kb]

Implementing Telecare: An Action Guide You can access the Resource Bank of the Implementation Guide direct here.