User and Carer Involvement

User and Carer Involvement: An Outcomes Approach

Improving outcomes for people who use services and their unpaid carers is the over-arching focus of JIT’s work. Outcomes are understood as the impact of services on people’s lives, and defining user and carer outcomes is increasingly recognised as necessary in order to deliver effective, responsive public services.

Involving users and carers in shaping services is also critical to achieving partnership objectives. A key JIT priority has been to combine user and carer involvement with an outcomes approach to planning, delivery, evaluating and improving services.

Work has been underway since 2006 on developing an approach based on user and carer outcomes. This was until recently known as the User Defined Service Evaluation Toolkit (UDSET). However, the name has now been changed to Talking Points because the name UDSET did not reflect the importance of carers, or the fact that it is an approach rather than a toolkit. This includes a range of tools, guidance and training resources to:

  • Support a focus on outcomes at assessment, care planning and review.
  • Enable information on service user and carer outcomes to be systematically gathered during assessment and review processes.
  • Support organisations to use this information to improve outcomes at individual service and organisational levels.

Full information on the outcomes approach and Talking Points, including all materials are available from this section of the JIT website. Follow the links below to access the following resources.

  • Background from initial research, to piloting and development of Talking Points.
  • Information for Service Users and Carers explaining what Talking Points is and powerpoints which can be used in workshops with users and carers.
  • Evidence and Learning from Practice.
  • Training Materials developed to help with Talking Points implementation.
  • Sample Tools for assessment, care/support planning and review, as well as evaluation.
  • Information to support Data Management.
  • Digital Stories to reinforce Talking Points outcomes and to share experiences of using Talking Points in practice.

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Important Resources

A copy of all presentations from the UDSET event in Dunblane on 25 and 26 November 2008 is now available in our UDSET publications section. A copy of the full report from this event will be available in the New Year.

The original UDSET December 2007 version of the toolkit and includes the research background, tools and findings from early pilots.
UDSET – Final Version December 2007 [389Kb]

The updated UDSET November 2008 toolkit reflecting the learning from new pilot sites and move towards an outcomes approach.
UDSET November Update [194Kb]

The Support Pack for Staff provides an introduction to the UDSET for frontline staff.
UDSET Support Pack 08 [124Kb]


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Interim Evaluation Report. Findings from Glasgow School of Social Work Evaluation.
UDSET Evaluation [353Kb]


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New to Talking Points?. This four page key messages document provides a summary of the approach and highlights learning to date.
Key Messages [58Kb]