River Clyde Homes Extra Care Team – Sustaining wellbeing, sustaining relationships, sustaining tenancies

What was the issue you were addressing or working on?

This is an Example of Practice illustrating how initiatives and extra services run by Housing Associations directly or indirectly have a significant positive impact on the quality of life, health and well-being of those people being supported.

This example describes the range of supportive activities and resources provided by an Extra Care Team to new and established tenants, most of which are targeted at more vulnerable tenants, and looks at the impact of these. The connection between these activities and health and/ or well-being is not always immediately obvious, but nevertheless exist.

What you did?

Extra Care support is available to all tenants and comprises:

  • Warm welcome, secure start, including Starter/Welcome Packs
  • Promoting financial security/stability, including a dedicated welfare benefits officer post
  • Integrated approach , eg  multi-agency co-ordination to arrange assessment to support person in their own home
  • Targeted Support such as the Winter Wellbeing 2015 Campaign

Funding has also been secured from Scottish Legal Aid and the People and Community Fund to provide additional resource to new tenants for the first 12 months of their tenancy (Extra Care Plus).

What were the outcomes – benefits or otherwise?

Winter Wellbeing 2015 – Around 750 older people received packs and home check  – of these around 50% requested assistance as follows:

  • repairs 25%,
  • fuel poverty 33%,
  • Aids & Adapts 12%,
  • Debts/ benefits advice 8%,
  • Fire safety 18%,
  • Future Skills 3%.

Additionally River Clyde Homes has been able to access People and Communities and Scottish Legal Aid Board funding of approx. £200k for an 18 month project for Making Advice Work. This has enabled staff to secure, on behalf of tenants, an additional income in excess of £1.4m over the last financial year, by maximising tenants’ income.

In 2014/15 609 new tenancies were created and there was a failure rate of 2% which is a reduction on previous year when there were no dedicated extra care staff.

The full Example of Practice is available here

Contacts – to find out more

Jane Wallace, Extra Care Manager, jane.wallace@riverclydehomes.org.uk        Tel: 01475 788 845

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