TEC Programme – Guidance for 2016-2018

This guidance note sets out arrangements for the allocation of the Technology Enabled Care Programme funding over 2016/17 and 2017/18, totalling approximately £20 million – access here:

TEC Programme – Guidance for Years 2 and 3 – 04 December 2015 (Final)

We are seeking submissions from organisations, working in collaboration with their partners who can demonstrate the effective contribution of TEC to the delivery of their key strategic priorities and associated service [re]design. This means that for the next 2 years there will be more significant funding allocated to a small number of organisations focusing on whole system integration, which should include preventative approaches, planned and unscheduled care, self directed support and wider priorities within community planning partnerships such as Building Safer Communities. We would therefore welcome multi-stakeholder bids covering significant geographical boundaries, with an identified lead partner.

We will:

  • Target organisations that have demonstrated a commitment to TEC and have the necessary capability and capacity to deliver an expansion of use within their area.
  • Provide some support to organisations that are seeking to improve their position with regard to the application of TEC.
  • Build on a number of existing ‘at scale’ programmes, such as SmartCare, United4Health and MasterMind.

Initial applications to be received no later than 08 February 2016.

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